Vibra Finish Ltd

Vibratory Finishing Machinery – Production Finishing Services

Services We Offer

With over 40 years experience in manufacturing machinery and production finishing, Vibra Finish Limited is meeting the challenge of today’s global marketplace with an uncompromising focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

  • New and Used Equipment: Vibra Finish offers a wide range of used and/or refurbished surface finishing equipment.  Our stock is constantly changing so act quickly if you see an item of interest. You can browse through new and used equipment items, media and other products at the shopping cart section.
  • Rebuilding Services: In need of repair, repaint, refurbishing, or a new liner? We manufacture and specialize in: vibratory finishing machines, tumblers, screeners/separators, conveyors and handling equipment.
  • Production Finishing: Our four (4) plants offer 7 days per week processing, utilizing over 150 pieces of finishing equipment. We offer deburring, burnishing, descaling, vibrapeening, polishing, rust removal, cleaning, drying, corrosion protection, and peening services. Whether you require tumbling, vibratory finishing, centrifugal finishing, washing, blasting, vibrapeening, shot blasting, packaging, sorting, and/or assembly, Vibra Finish’s value added services can assist you in meeting your requirements.
  • Packaging, Sorting and Light Assembly: Vibra Finish offers packaging, sorting and light assembly services.  We can provide the packaging or if you prefer we can use your existing packaging.  Parts are labelled, sorted, packed, packaged, and weighed ready for shipment. We can also provide light assembly.
  • Value Added Potential: In today’s competitive market, we must find new ways to minimize cost and improve efficiency. Vibra Finish can assist you by offering services from start to finish.  We not only process your parts, but we can also sort, package, identify and ship your parts.  If you need light assembly done, we can accomplish this for you. Give us a call: 905.625.9955 or e-mail us so that we can discuss your needs and… together we can finish with quality.
  • Aerospace: Vibra Finish Limited offers services to the Aerospace Industry that include Vibrapeening, Shot Peening, Shot Blasting, Washing, Rust Inhibiting, Packaging, Labelling and Sorting.

Please call Dwayne at: 905-366-8289 or Clive at 905-366-8285 for more information.

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