Vibra Finish Ltd

Vibratory Finishing Machinery – Production Finishing Services


The Vibra Finish product line is selectively chosen and totally adaptable to meet the vast majority of finishing needs simply, cost effectively.

  • Vibratory bowls: modern vibratory bowls have become specialized for the application
  • Batch bowls are designed to produce shorter cycles and hence quicker turnaround.
  • Flow through bowls produce uniform action throughout the bowl with maximum dwell times in the bowl.
  • Flat bottom bowls have been designed for maximum vibratory efficiency (no hill or ramp to climb) and are very ergonomic (low level) to reduce operator fatigue and hence improve productivity.
  • Vibratory dryers: Vibra Finish dryers are designed as stand alone units, or can be integrated with a vibratory deburring or burnishing machine as a complete system.The Vibra Finish corn cob dryer uses highly efficient electric heating elements to transfer heat directly to the cob. A temperature controller is used to provide heat only when necessary. Also available for small delicate parts – our vibratory hot air dryers are offered where the parts must be completely dry and free from all dust residue e.g. electronic components and coin blank finishing. Two stage vibratory units consist of an inner vibratory bowl with an outer channel for corn cob drying, making one compact unit. This design minimizes floor space requirements and is extremely cost effective.
  • Vibratory tub style: Long low profile vibratory tubs are normally used for long narrow parts or have compartments to prevent part on part hitting during the process. The operator typically moves along the compartments loading and unloading. Load heights are critical for the ease of operator involvement. Deep profile tubs are used for larger parts. A part should be no larger than two thirds of the width of the tub in order to rotate freely. Tub machines are also used to self tumble part on part and a variety of doors are available for unloading. An important consideration is the load height of the tub. Ideally one wants the lowest possible load height consistent with unloading into a bin.
  • Material handling: Material handling equipment is available to expand and automate the system. Bin dumpers, conveyors, conveyors with hot air blow off , dip tank dragout systems for rust inhibiting, load hoppers on weigh cells can be offered, providing a single source for a complete processing line.
  • Centrifugal finishing: The range of centrifugal finishers can offer a treatment intensity up to 20 times higher than vibratory finishing processes. Recommended for small flat parts, that normally stick together. The parts are deburred without the work hardening effect of a vibratory process. Batch to batch security is ensured with 100% unloading of parts and media after each load. The system can be totally automated, to include weighing systems, drying, magnetic separation, and can be integrated with a recycling centrifuge to meet today’s environmental considerations.

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