Vibra Finish Ltd

Vibratory Finishing Machinery – Production Finishing Services

About Vibra

Vibra Finish was founded in 1971 as a production finishing facility. In 1973 we started manufacturing our own line of vibratory finishing machinery. In 1994 we opened a second production finishing facility. Vibra Finish was certified ISO-9001 in 1995. A new warehouse was added in 1996. In 1999 Machinery Manufacturing relocated to a larger building and the Production Finishing capability was further expanded.

Vibra Finish is now certified ISO-9001:2008. Vibra Finish began offering 7 day a week 24 hour service to meet demand, with over 120 machines in four (4) plant locations. Machinery sales went International in 2001 with sales to the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, India, Japan, Philippines and South Africa.

Quality Assurance: As an certified ISO-9001:2015 registered company, Vibra Finish ensures all parts are processed based on a process that has been approved by the customer. Once the customer has approved the samples, clear written instructions are generated for the operator. First off / last off samples, together with comparative approved parts, ensure that uniform, consistent results are achieved throughout the process. All parts are digitally photographed and incorporated with the record of the process information for identification and security.

Sample Parts Processing Lab: Vibra Finish can process your samples in our Samples Parts Processing Laboratory. Let our expertise find the solution to common problems such as rust, heat treat scale, burrs, rough surfaces, jagged edges, greasy/oily parts. Our surface finishing techniques ensure that your parts are ready for coating, painting and/or assembly.In our test lab we check the treatment parameters of your parts under realistic conditions. We determine the correct machine type, and size for production capacity, compounds, and the correct shape, type and grade of media. Where required, we develop new techniques or processes. In short, we’ll put everything in motion so your products will compare to the best on the market.


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